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Janet's Message to Voters

We are emerging from the most difficult time period that many of us have ever faced.  Our community’s recovery is still at risk.  As we shift our focus from the health crisis to an economic crisis, we will also be dealing with an underlying crisis of fear and mistrust.


To achieve our vision of a thriving city where every citizen, family, and neighborhood can succeed, our government must:


  1. Prioritize the cost-effective, equitable and comprehensive delivery of basic services, including police, fire, water, sewer, garbage, and street maintenance;

  2. Support our existing businesses; and

  3. Unite our community and inspire volunteerism and participation by business and non-profit organizations in working with government to address poverty.


I have successfully led business, government, and charitable organizations. My commitment to our community has been demonstrated through my volunteer work for over 30 years.  I understand that some of our problems should be solved by government action, but government alone cannot address all of our problems.

I am running to be your next Mayor because I love this community and I have the knowledge, experience, and personality to lead our city through crisis.

As you get to know me better during the course of my campaign and as I listen and learn more about the priorities for our city, I hope I will earn your trust and your vote. 





An economist and former official with the Workers Compensation Board, Janet Burman has led organizations successfully through major transitions and through crisis, skills and experience we need in our mayor. 


Janet administered a 9 county district  at the Workers Compensation Board and was there during the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.  This was the largest workers comp related disaster in history. Members of Janet’s staff worked tirelessly on the coordinated response to the deaths and injuries and the resulting diseases of volunteers and first-responders. 


At S&P Global, Janet managed the market’s shift from main-frame computer timesharing to personal computers and assisted major corporations in navigating through dramatic swings in the oil & gas industry.


Janet Burman’s career has spanned over 40 years in teaching, business, and government. In each of her roles she has set clear expectations for performance and made sure that students and employees had the training and tools to achieve their goals. Janet will appoint City department heads and managers who will lead using these same principles.  And she will guide us through the economic and social changes forced upon us by Covid-19.


Janet has been a regular presence in our community as a volunteer and a leader for numerous charitable organizations.  She has helped reduce infant mortality, increase children’s immunizations, raise awareness of domestic violence, expand after-school programs, decrease homelessness, fight hunger, provide arts programs for young people, enrich the lives of seniors, and worked on other issues.  As our mayor, Janet will draw on experience and connections to unite our city in tackling problems that government alone cannot solve. 

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