What Matters Most


As your State Senator, my greatest responsibility will be to listen to my constituents, learn when action by our State government should be undertaken to improve the quality of life in our district, and lead the effort to accomplish it.


Based on the voters I have so far listened to, and based on my experiences in business, government, and community volunteering, I have identified some priority issues.  This list will grow, priorities will shift, and details will become apparent as I continue to listen and learn. 

Janet will Advocate for:

✔  EDUCATION: A greater share of school aid

      and more school choice options;

✔  JOBS: Good paying career opportunities, 

      relevant training and transportation;


      obligations with greater performance and

      efficiency, and adopting best practices from

      other states, where appropriate;

✔  FAIR TAXES: Lower taxes for everyone,

      with an equitable tax structure that eliminates

      bad tax deals that harm local governments ;

✔  FIGHTING POVERTY: Coordinated efforts and

      leadership to eliminate concentrated poverty

      in our communities;

✔  FARMERS: Reducing regulations and finding

       more resources for family farms; 

✔  END TO CORRUPTION: Complete transparency         for government contracts, term limits, and             banning  campaign donations from

      government contractors.