Efficient Public Services

Beyond vital public safety services, Syracuse City Government must meet its obligations in providing other essential city services:

        Garbage Removal
        Street Repairs
        Snow & Debris Removal
        Street Lighting

The current mayor and city council have not seen to it that these services have been provided reliably and effectively across all neighborhoods of our city.

Necessary investments in our aged water and sewer systems have been delayed by several city administrations. Replacing lines when mains break or when streets are already being excavated is a reactive approach that leaves many areas vulnerable to disruption and possible contamination.

Street repair.jpg
snow plow.jpg

Most of the recent federal funding windfall would be best used for a head start on improvements to our vulnerable water system.

Basic city  services like pothole filling and garbage pickup don't sound "transformative" like our progressive mayor and council would prefer, but they are essential to a livable city which wants to retain, as well as attract, residents and businesses. 

I pledge to improve delivery of essential city services when I am mayor.

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