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Janet's Message to Voters

Here in Central New York, we have great people, beautiful lands and good businesses.  But we also have problems that need to be solved and New York State government hasn't done nearly enough to solve our problems.  

I am an economist and I have worked in both the private sector and in state government.  I have also volunteered in our community for almost 30 years.  I understand that some of our problems can be solved by government action and some of our problems were caused by the government.

I am running to be your next State Senator because I love this community and I have the knowledge, experience, and personality that can push our state government to undo some of the problems it created and to help solve problems that have been ignored.

As you get to know me better during the course of my campaign; as I listen and learn more about the priorities for our district; I hope I will earn your trust and your vote.


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Photos from around our district.



Janet Berl Burman is an artist, economist, writer and leader, specializing in team building and problem solving. Her career

has spanned over 4 decades in private industry, teaching and government.

Janet has:


✭  Expertly assessed the economic impact of taxes and

     government regulations on business.


✭  Guided the successful rollout of performance measures

     for claims processing at the New York State Workers

     Compensation Board.


✭  Profitably managed a multi-million dollar division of

     McGraw-Hill in information technology.


✭  Been a recognized consultant to manufacturers across        the country for strategic and financial planning.


✭  Received her B.A. in Economics and Sociology from

     Converse College and undertook doctoral studies in

     Urban & Public Affairs at Carnegie-Mellon University.

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