A Vision for Our City that We Can Share

Throughout its history, Syracuse has attracted people from around the world.

People stayed and help build our city.  Here they raised families, built businesses, established places of worship, and made our city better. They still do today.

People also come here on their way to other destinations. Some come to gain knowledge,

some also gain wisdom, and some make our city better.

Despite differences in origin and despite differences in belief, there are basics we all want to see in our city: safe neighborhoods, quality education, careers in a thriving economy, affordable living, and efficient city services.

Syracuse city government has fallen short in providing these basics.  Some neighborhoods are being significantly short-changed. As our mayor, Janet Burman will help us achieve our vision for Syracuse.

Issues and Answers

As Janet's Vision for a thriving Syracuse unfolds, her platform will be shared on these pages. Here's to a bright, safe, profitable future for every Syracusan!

Public Safety
Efficient Public Services
Goals for the Northside

Whether at the federal, state, or local level, the first responsibility of government is to ensure the safety of citizens. 
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Beyond vital public safety services, Syracuse City Government must meet its obligations in providing other essential city services.
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Making the Northside a safe and beautiful place to live and work.

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