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Assembly, senate candidates debate at LWV forum

Candidates for the November elections for state assembly and state senate came to Cazenovia last week to lay out their positions on a range of issues. About 60 people attended the candidate forum, held in the Cazenovia High School auditorium and sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Cazenovia.

The senate candidates, who both live and work in the city of Syracuse and are basically unknown in the Cazenovia area, had a stark contrast between their opinions, with May leaning hard left politically and Burman leaning hard right.

Burman, an economist who served for eight years as district administrator for the New York State Workers’

Compensation Board, Syracuse District, said she is running for senate “because I want to help eliminate barriers to us having a prosperous economy in New York state … a prosperous economy is the basis for all healthy communities.” Burman said she supports lower taxes, fewer state regulations, term limits on elected officials, reducing the amount of unfunded mandates by the state, gun rights and more transparency in government.

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